Supplies Provided

The following is a list of supplies provided in the trailer when you arrive:

Coffee maker
Place setting for 6 - 8 people
Cutlery for 6 - 8 people
Drinking glasses & mugs
Wine Glasses
Pots & pans for cooking
Cooking utensils, i.e. spatula, spoons, bowls, colander, cheese grater etc.
Cutting board
Dish Rack
Cleaning supplies
Broom and mop
2 folding chairs
LED Lantern
First Aid Kit
32" LED TV(Springdale units only)

Although we try to anticipate everything that you will require, please understand that sometimes things disappear during the season. Please bring anything that you can't live without.

You should bring bedding & towels. (Sleeping bags work well and don't forget your pillows).
We do not provide barbecues.



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