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What happens around the campfire stays at the campfire

Published on 26 May 2014
Written by Jim

campfireThere is nothing like reminiscing about your past campfire experiences and nothing like creating new ones with your family and friends. Whether you’re telling campfire stories, roasting wieners and marshmallows, making smores, or just putting another log on the fire, this is where memories are made and relaxation takes hold.

There is something about the ambiance and mesmerizing atmosphere of a campfire that magically has the ability to bring back those memories of good times and good thoughts. Maybe it’s the colours of the dancing flames, the sound of crackling wood or just enjoying being outdoors with the heat of the fire and your family and friends.

Making that perfect fire is the stage for all kinds of fun and games, so here are 10 campfire tips to keep in mind so you will be prepared and ready for your next campfire experience.


  • Always have a good poking stick! Poking the fire is an essential part of the campfire experience and is mandatory to keep things all stoked up!
  • If the smoke gets in your eyes you must yell out “I love white rabbits”, I don’t know why it works but it does? Or you can just move your chair around, but be warned this is futile temporary fix!
  • Always have a flashlight ready so you can put it under your chin at any given time and tell a scary story. A mandatory requirement for scary story telling!
  • Watch for burning shoes! Someone always inevitably puts their shoes too close to the fire pit ring and melts a shoe, watch for it!
  • Sing a song and don’t forget to look at the stars!
  • Tripping into the fire is bad! Keep a safe distance away from the flames they are relentlessly hot!
  • Buying firewood is expensive, but totally worth it. Always make sure you have enough!
  • Weiner roasting is not a sport!  It is serious business, never poke at someone else’s wiener!
  • Burning marshmallows happens! There is an art to baking the perfect mellow.  Don’t get discouraged if this happens, just try and try again or get a kid to do one for you.  Good luck!
  • Joke telling without the aid of Google will make you look like a superstar, always have one ready!


In the event of a fire ban during our dry season, don’t despair, Island Time RV has approved propane fire pits that can be included with any rental.  Simply add one to you booking and you will never be without your flame.


It’s all fun and games until someone loses a weiner!

Published on 11 April 2014
Written by Jim


For many campers, a campfire is a unique tradition that adds to the camping experience.  For some, it recalls childhood memories of times spent with family sharing stories, singing songs and roasting hot dogs and marshmallows.

When it comes to building a campfire, taking care and being mindful of our environment is all of our responsibility. Our love for our surrounding nature, forests and animal life runs deep, yet all it takes is one careless move for disaster to strike and jeopardize all the beautiful nature around us.

Always Remember the Rules
  • Campfires are prohibited in an area which has fire restrictions or bans. It is the campers' responsibility to find out what areas have campfire prohibitions and restrictions.
  • Campfires require a fireguard, this means scraping down the dirt one metre high around the fire and removing flammable items, such as twigs, leaves, needles etc...
  • Campers must have at least 8 litres of water and/or a shovel to properly extinguish the fire.
  • Fires are not to be larger than 0.5 metres by 0.5 metres or approximately 19 inches by 19 inches.
  • Campfires are never to be left unattended.
  • When leaving the campfire, it must be properly extinguished so ashes are cool to touch. 
Safe campfire practices 
  • Be responsible and safe.
  • Check with regional fire regulations and weather conditions before building a campfire.
  • Be confident and ensure that your campfire could not start a wildfire in the surrounding forests.
  • Fires should be built away from flammable items, such as tents, overhanging trees, camp chairs and awnings etc...
  • It is prohibited to use flammable fluids to start a fire.
  • Respect and conserve living trees and species.
  • Buy and burn firewood sourced locally.
  • Do not transport firewood. Pests, such as insects and invasive disease can destroy our forests.
  • Keep the fire small and controlled. Larger fires can grow out of control quickly and are harder to extinguish.
  • Limit burning hours. This helps to conserve firewood, improve air quality and reduce risk of forest fires.
  • Do not burn garbage or trash. This can create unpleasant smells for neighbours, add to air pollution, attract bears and leave a mess behind.
  • Be certain that the campfire is extinguished before leaving it. Pour water and stir the fire. When done, sift your fingers through ashes to make sure it is out.
  • When a fire is completely extinguished there is no heat, smoke or steam.
  • To report a forest or unattended fire in British Columbia call *5555 on your mobile phone or toll free 1-800-663-5555. This is a free province-wide emergency number.

Most campgrounds in British Columbia, whether they are private campgrounds or RV parks, provincial parks, recreation sites (forestry sites), or national parks, allow campfires unless there is a fire restriction brought on by prolonged dry hot conditions. Island Time RV offers portable propane fire bowels which can be added to your rental during a fire ban, or if you are just looking for a clean and easy campfire experience. You can add this option to your rental easily while booking.

Here’s to safe and responsible camping!


RV There Yet?

Published on 31 March 2014
Written by Korek

rvthereyetWhen it comes to your vacation planning, getting there can be half the fun. I always wonder though why it seems to take twice as long to get to your vacation spot as it does to get back home?  Vacation anticipation perhaps?  The excitement of knowing all of your planning and patience has finally began to unfold as you hit the road for unchartered good times?  No matter what makes this phenomenon occur, our 4 easy steps to having your travel trailer delivered and setup for you is sure to make your travels easy and convenient.

Simply follow the prescribed 4 easy steps below and you will be well on your way, before you have even left the house!


Easy Steps to have a trailer delivered and setup for you




What the Heck is Glamping?

Published on 26 March 2014
Written by Jim

k trailerRenting a luxury RV, or better yet glamping(glamorous camping) with one of our RV trailers is an amazing way to reset the clock and R&R with family and friends. At your choice of RV Park or Campground, you are just steps away from the great outdoors and there is something to do for everyone. With the many fun and interesting attractions, planning your days won’t be difficult. Our Fun & Attractions page provides links to many excursions and daily activities you will love and enjoy.  Just make sure you don’t run out of days, as there is a huge selection of things to see and do! 

Come to beautiful Vancouver Island and let Island Time RV reset the clock!




BC Parks Opens Up Online Reservations

Published on 24 March 2014
Written by Jim

Discover Camping

Beginning March 15, 2014, BC Parks has now opened up its reservation system for front country camping, for up to 3 months in advance of the arrival date.


For more information please visit:


Discover Camping Reservation service website:


Mobile interface:


Reservation Policies:




Springtime is Here and so is RV Season

Published on 21 March 2014
Written by Jim

firemellowsGetting ready to plan a vacation getaway? Looking for something a bit different, exciting and interesting that will build memories that will last a lifetime?  Maybe R&R is calling, or maybe it would just be nice to get back to nature and enjoy the great outdoors?

In today’s hectic world it is easy to forget to take some time off, and when you do the pressure of planning, packing, and traveling can turn your time off into more like work than play!  At Island Time RV, our job is to take away the “work” so you can simply come and enjoy an amazing Vancouver Island experience!

We have focused Island Time RV on your convenience and comfort, and our mission is to take the work out of your vacation planning while providing the best quality rentals, delivered, setup, ready and waiting for your arrival.  We include all of the basic necessities, plus chairs, lanterns, day planning information and a television with every rental, so all you have to do is get here and decide what you want to do on beautiful Vancouver Island.