What happens around the campfire stays at the campfire

Published on 26 May 2014
Written by Jim

campfireThere is nothing like reminiscing about your past campfire experiences and nothing like creating new ones with your family and friends. Whether you’re telling campfire stories, roasting wieners and marshmallows, making smores, or just putting another log on the fire, this is where memories are made and relaxation takes hold.

There is something about the ambiance and mesmerizing atmosphere of a campfire that magically has the ability to bring back those memories of good times and good thoughts. Maybe it’s the colours of the dancing flames, the sound of crackling wood or just enjoying being outdoors with the heat of the fire and your family and friends.

Making that perfect fire is the stage for all kinds of fun and games, so here are 10 campfire tips to keep in mind so you will be prepared and ready for your next campfire experience.


  • Always have a good poking stick! Poking the fire is an essential part of the campfire experience and is mandatory to keep things all stoked up!
  • If the smoke gets in your eyes you must yell out “I love white rabbits”, I don’t know why it works but it does? Or you can just move your chair around, but be warned this is futile temporary fix!
  • Always have a flashlight ready so you can put it under your chin at any given time and tell a scary story. A mandatory requirement for scary story telling!
  • Watch for burning shoes! Someone always inevitably puts their shoes too close to the fire pit ring and melts a shoe, watch for it!
  • Sing a song and don’t forget to look at the stars!
  • Tripping into the fire is bad! Keep a safe distance away from the flames they are relentlessly hot!
  • Buying firewood is expensive, but totally worth it. Always make sure you have enough!
  • Weiner roasting is not a sport!  It is serious business, never poke at someone else’s wiener!
  • Burning marshmallows happens! There is an art to baking the perfect mellow.  Don’t get discouraged if this happens, just try and try again or get a kid to do one for you.  Good luck!
  • Joke telling without the aid of Google will make you look like a superstar, always have one ready!


In the event of a fire ban during our dry season, don’t despair, Island Time RV has approved propane fire pits that can be included with any rental.  Simply add one to you booking and you will never be without your flame.